Saturday, 6 February 2016

Building a Darkroom pt 3 (BLACKOUT!!!)

This post leads on from Parts 1 and 2 chronicling my attempts to make a super shoddy darkroom. After I'd finished building the workbench and getting out all of the kit it was time to find storage for all those chemicals and paper. Plus we had to buy some trays for the chemicals and a fuckton of gaffer tape to help with making the room light tight.

A quick trip into town saw us purchasing three kitty litter trays in grey and red, gaffer tape and my favourite bargain: a two drawer filing cabinet. That one proved a little difficult to manoeuvre and BadCatt and I ended up taking it back on a bus. Much to the amusement of the driver who obviously didn't get many twenty somethings with large metal filing cabinets using his service. 

When we got back I sorted the drawers and then made a start with light proofing. Covering the window was a highly technical build involving stapling blackout blind (left over from the previous tenants) to rectangles of cardboard. Then gaffer taping the rectangles over the windows securely. Then more tape just to be sure. I think I might love my gaffer tape. After that it was time to plug up all the cracks around the door. Again this was a technical manoeuvre but this time I whacked a load of wood around the door and then some blackout blind and then some cardboard. Ingenious right?!

These pictures demonstrate my extreme care and skill and also why we're probably not getting the deposit back from our landlord. 

In part 4 of the series I'll talk you through the things I need for creating images and have a go printing on photographic paper for the first time in over ten years. 

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