Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Building A Darkroom pt 2 (The Kit)

This next stage of building a darkroom is a much more satisfying one. Now that I'd finished building the workspace I was free to start doing the fun bit. Namely setting up the Paterson Colour Darkroom. I soon realised that in order to make everything look the best it could I was going to have to drill some holes in the work surface and run cables down through them. Which meant I had to take the plugs apart to get them through. I did this for both the enlarger and the darkroom lamp.
This handy photo demonstrates where the wires need to go in case I forgot or something 

I checked as soon as they were rewired that nothing was going to explode when I turned the power on. Because I trust myself.

Excuse the blurry photo but look at how wonderfully vintage the lamp is

After I'd wrestled with the mains voltage I figured I'd do something a bit easier and put up a shelf to keep all the manuals and measuring beakers on. This was definitely the easiest thing I did for the whole project. I like putting up shelves. I'm good at it. I also like using the power drill. 

Then I had to arrange everything in a useable order and take stock of what I had and what I still needed... 

In part 3 I buy a shit load of stuff, tidy some more and make the darkroom dark. 

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