Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Mystery of the Man With the Ankh

The first of these photos, He Wore An Ankh, I've already shared on Flickr. The second is an outtake from that roll, the man revealing his Ankh to me. Both are quite interesting pictures but the face only one is more in keeping with the work I'm currently producing. But is it the one which the subject of the photo would like best?  In this case the man felt his Ankh necklace was worthy of unbuttoning his coat for.  This is how he wished to be represented. So should I have only shared that photo? Or neither if I didn't feel it fitted my theme? Or after they are taken is it up to me to choose what I wish to represent photographically and which image best suits that purpose? How important is it that the person being photographed gets to decide how they are portrayed? Or is the photograph a work of fiction/art to the point where it no longer matters and it is only about my intention as a photographer? I don't know the answer yet but I do know I am going to have to think more carefully about this in the future if these are the sorts of portraits I am going to be taking...

 The Man With the Ankh

The Man With the Ankh on Display

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