Friday, 13 February 2015

Organising Flickr

When I first started this blog I was just throwing images without much care onto Flickr just so I could have content and because I was proud of being able to produce anything at all with a film camera. However only six months later I'm entirely rethinking that approach. As I am only using the Minolta X-300 for this year and trying hard to concentrate on taking photos I think are interesting and technically accomplished I've also begun looking at what I was producing before and asking how representative it is of what I do or want to do. As such, over the past few days I've begun to reorganise and delete a lot of my old photos. Taking my photostream from somewhere near 110 images to just over 30. That has meant having to re upload any photos to this blog that were once hosted by Flickr and I've since deleted. This is a lot of photos. I think the process has been worth it though. Scrolling through my diminished Flickr I'm pretty proud of most of the photos either for what they are or for what they represent at what is still the beginning of my journey as a photographer. 

Screenshot from my revised Flickr feed with some portraits of Colcestrians I've still to show you. 

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