Monday, 26 January 2015

Pushing Fomapan 200 to 800

I'm not a huge fan of Fomapan 200. Whenever I use it I'm always disappointed by the amount of grain and something in its sharpness. To be honest I don't know if that last part is the film but regardless, we don't always click. But I am not the most well off of people at the minute and it is a pretty cheap option. The problem is that I want to experiment with a certain type of photography without having the film or funds with which to purchase said film available to do so. So I have to improvise. A week or two ago I had an ideaas to what to do with the couple of rolls of Foma 200 that I had kicking around. I thought it might be fun to have a go at pushing them to 800. A quick scour of the internet revealed that it is't something people have tried that often and there seemed to be no fixed agreement as to how it should be done so I decided to go for it and just see what happened.

I was expecting a high grain negative similar to that which you might get from Delta 3200 or similar speed films. I was also expecting it to not really work. With that in mind I blew through a roll of 24 exposures pretty quickly and figured out that in DDX 1:9 it needed to be developed for 20 minutes. That seemed scarily long but the rough calculations from the Massive Development Chart seemed to suggest it so like a wimp I let BadCatt bite the bullet for me and develop the film. This is how it turned out.

Self Portrait, Minolta X-300 with Fomapan 200 pushed to 800. 

I'm incredibly pleased with the results. This is definitely how all future rolls of Foma 200 will be shot. What is interesting is that actually the grain isn't that much more pronounced shooting this way than at 200 and the faster speed film will be much more versatile and suited to the kind of shots I want to take in black and white.

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