Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year Neglect

I've really neglected this blog for a while now. Sorry! It's basically a mixture between not having money to shoot any film, the standard thing of just forgetting to update and the cold weather coming along which always makes me more apathetic. Anyway, happy new year to anyone who stumbles over here and on to the post.

I wanted to talk today about one of the main problems I have found with shooting film. Namely, not having the right tools on me for capturing a specific photo. I have a couple of cameras that I use on a regular ish basis, the Minolta X-300 and my Reader's Digest Panoramic being the main two. Normally I'll go on a walk with one or the other and just concentrate on taking the photos that are right for the specific camera. Sometimes though, I am presented with a photo opportunity that is just so perfect for the camera that I happen to have left at home. Disappointing bastard! A few weeks ago this situation presented itself to such a degree I'm still kicking myself now over the missed opportunity. I had to take a parcel to the post office so I'd gone down there armed with a roll of Fompan 200 in my panoramic camera. As I was standing at the level crossing waiting for a train to come, a photo presented itself that would have looked beautiful on my Minolta which was loaded with Ektar 100. Instead I had to settle for taking a couple of colour shots on my iphone 4s and a few panoramas that I had no real faith in.

iPhone 4s

The thing is that the iPhone picture is quite adequate small. It captures perfectly how the scene looked, the woman's coat and the sign above her are the perfect shade of red. It all works. But if you were to try to make it much bigger than this, all quality would immediately be lost. Now imagine the same shot but on the Ektar 100 with its lovely colours and fine grain. As for the cropped panoramic image I got. Well black and white completely fails to capture anything interesting. It is all there but it is colour that I am after. Did I mention how I'm still pissed about this?

I'm hoping that this year will be different though. I've decided that I need to learn more about the technical aspects of taking a photograph and concentrate less on lomographic results. As such I've decided that after I've got through the rolls of film that are in my Zenit E, the Smena 8M and my Holga 120N, I will just concentrate on using the Minolta X-300. As long as nothing breaks on it. I will try this for a whole year. Looking at the technical capabilities of the camera and my own ideas as a photographer. It's about time I stopped taking snapshots and concentrated on taking some interesting images which fit my photographic aesthetic. I've a few more catch up posts to get around to at some point and then it's on to the Minolta and an attempt to become a better photographer.

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