Thursday, 6 November 2014

Introducing the Vivitar 35EF

In the last of my camera introductions for now I bring you the Vivitar 35EF.

I bought this camera at the same time as the Holga and was informed by the guy in the junk shop who knows nothing about photography that it was the better camera of the two. Oh boy was he wrong. I mean yes it has an inbuilt flash but that is about as snazzy as it gets. Otherwise the focus settings are set out as 1 person, two people, three people, mountain. Very helpful. Actually they do correspond to actual distances but those are only vaguely accurate anyway. So basically it is guess and shoot. But don't set it on mountain for everything. I made that mistake and unlike on the Smena 8M, infinity does not let you focus on all distances. Stupid lens. Other than that, everything else is automatic. There is a little display in the useless viewfinder and as long as the needle is somewhere in the yellow area (indicating the f/stops) then you are good to point and click. If not then you should use the flash I guess.

I have to confess, I got a little bit of a mental block on using this camera. I just had a feeling it might be crap and so I didn't shoot most of the first roll of film for this reason. I ended up giving it to BadCatt to go through instead. The end results were everything I shot was blurry/ overexposed because a friend of mine usefully opened the back of the camera whilst it was loaded. BadCatt's were better but the actual camera itself seems to take very average images. I have a roll of Agfa Vista 200 in there now so I might go off into town today and shoot through the roll in the interests of experimentation and also because I feel a little like I can't just give up on it after one bad roll. There is an interesting quality to the way it shoots with flash and I'm sure I can find some purpose for it.

I'll leave you with a shot of me where I look like I'm in a 1950's girl gang taken by BadCatt.

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