Saturday, 1 November 2014

How Not To... Develop B&W Film

No video this time, just a little step by step guide on to how not to develop film based on a recent experience.
  • Don't load the film onto the reel perfectly until the last few inches at which point it crumples and tears.
  • Don't throw your thermometer repeatedly under water when trying to take temperatures if the thermometer is digital and may object.
  • Don't start by pouring in the fixer. Especially when you're running low anyway.
  • Don't then panic and splash ridiculous amounts of water at the tank usefully remembering the thing you once read which said that even a spot of fix in with the developer can ruin it.
  • Don't then forget for a while that you will need to grab some new fixer because instead of sensibly pouring it back into the jug you disposed of it.
  • Don't then let yourself be so distracted that when you do get the developer in you forget to agitate the tank evenly for the first 3 minutes.
  • Don't splash chemicals on your skin in your haste to remove the developer and stop the process.
  • Don't then get the lid stuck on the tank so that when you try to remove it at the end of the process you spend two minutes doing more damage to you than it.
  • Don't become angry and sulk at the tank after it does eventually open at detriment to your final rinse.
  • Don't then be surprised when it turns out that your film developed unevenly in places.   
Final uneven images. Half were okay but half had some ominous shadows going on in places. Lucky for me they ended up looking quite interesting anyway. 

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