Friday, 31 October 2014

World Toy Camera Day Recap

The day I went to Harwich was actually the 18th October also known as World Toy Camera Day. I may have forgotten that at the time but luckily as well as the sensible Minolta, I also bought along my Holga 120N and the Reader's Digest Panoramic Camera that I love so much. So was is not lost. I cunningly managed to inadvertently take part in the event anyway. I'm yet to finish the roll on the Holga but recently got around to developing the Fomapan from the Panoramic beauty. These are the two best shots and coincidentally the two which I didn't unevenly develop. *Thunk.* Actually the whole of that development was a nightmare, so much so that I may just do a post dedicated to it. Ayway, without further ado, here are the pictures...

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