Friday, 10 October 2014

Take a Walk on the Boring Side

I like to take my cameras with me when I'm walking across town because

a. you ever know when you might get a decent photo opportunity and
b. sometimes walking is really very boring.

Normally I don't plan on shooting any pictures it's just as and when something presents itself but occasionally I make it part of my purpose. This walk was really to visit a friend of mine who lives on the other side of town but I decided to take the Zenit E along and have a go at finding a certain amount of interesting subjects to photograph along the way. Namely, shooting a roll of Kodak colorplus with 24 exposures. As it turns out that particular walk is just incredibly dull. The weather was overcast and naff and I was quite hot and bothered by the time I reached my destination. Also I'd only managed to use up half of the film. I think I was in the wrong mood to be looking for things. Still, I did get a few interesting shots. The first one I'm sharing is what I think was probably the best of the bunch. The colours basically turned out exactly how I wanted them to as did the focus. I read a blog post elsewhere the other day where the author had decided that he just wasn't going to shoot in colour on overcast days because it's impossible to get a decent images but I think it actually helped this photo because it means the colours that are there stand out more.


This other photo is my 'what might have been.' It was a perfect image, kid in a top the same colour as the sign in the foreground, plenty going on and lots of vibrant reds and yellows to counteract the grey sky. Unfortunately I buggered up the focus. Obviously it was meant to be in the kid and not the sign. I blame the fact that his parents had started to notice me as I was setting up the shot. Sigh.


Not a completely wasted walk but also not quite what I had intended.

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