Sunday, 12 October 2014

Meet on the Ledge

More photos from my lovely little Reader's Digest Panoramic Camera. These are from the second roll of film I shot with it. As before they're taken on Fomapan 200 and developed in ILFOTEC DD-X for 6 minutes in 1:4 dilution. (Pretty much everything I've developed since has been at 1:9. I'm a fool for ever doing anything different.)

The location is a disused building in the centre of town. We explored both the building itself and also its roof and those of some of the adjoining buildings.

I'd been wondering if the first lot of photos I'd taken had been a nice fluke but it really does take lovely pictures. I adore how it has captured the shapes and tones on the rooftops. I'll have to test colour next but I'm dubious as to how that will turn out.

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