Thursday, 2 October 2014

Introducing the Zenit E

My next camera to introduce is the Zenit E. (Wikipedia article here.) It's been in my collection for a little over a month courtesy of BadCatt's mum's shed which we were clearing out and happened upon a whole range of different films and cameras. We found 3 of the Zenit Es labeled 1 to 3 with no indication of why and so we each picked one randomly to test out. BadCatt went for 1 and I opted for 3. The less said about the state of 2 the better. I'm not sure that it would be even capable of producing an image, poor thing.

The next day we headed off around Oxford to try out the cameras. This was a new experience for the BadCatt who had for about the last 10 years been shooting exclusively digital with no thoughts whatsoever towards film and so as a side project I was determined to at least semi convert him. We shot through a roll of Kodak Colorplus each that day and got them developed straight away (I develop black and white myself but am far too scared to attempt C41 at the moment. Maybe soon...) To my surprise it took some pretty decent photos. Once I got over the whole 'oh hell, how do I focus this thing' issue they were pretty easy to use and make very satisfying mechanical noises, Always a plus. For now, here is a shot from the first roll, which I was actually pretty pleased with overall. 

I've got way more photos from this camera to share at a later date and a lot more to talk about in regards to how it works and some irritating light leaks it has managed to develop. As for the BadCatt, he loves his. Whilst he's not an entire convert yet, his Flickr account will testify to the beginnings of a serious crush. 

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