Thursday, 9 October 2014

Introducing the Reader's Digest Panoramic Camera

This camera I bought entirely by accident from ebay a month or so ago. I bid because it was 50p and wasn't going to go any higher. When I won the bid I was a little apprehensive about the thing. How good can something be that you first got free with a magazine? When I got it I wasn't filled with any more joy. Its plastic shell is uninspiring and here are no settings. Just point and shoot. I figured I'd shoot on Fomapan 200 in black and white with decent sunlight for my first roll and see what happened.

As you will see it's not a true panoramic camera, I think decent ones might cost me a little more than I paid for this. It shoots in 35mm film and crops the image for the pano effect. It has quite a wide angled lens which I would estimate gives you about double what you'd get with a standard 35mm setup. Look at how nice the quality of the photos are though! I entirely wasn't expecting to get such interesting shots. A fiend of mine thinks it makes things look quite sixties which is fine by me. I'm a little in love with this camera. Well what it can do with black and white anyway. Colour will be a whole different ball game. Look at it though! The contrast, oh the lovely contrast.

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