Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Introducing the Holga 120N

Next up in my introduction posts is the Holga 120N that I mentioned in my last post as being bought from Mr Noideaaboutcamerasthankfully.


Here is the Wikipedia article about Holgas. Plus the Lomography website's 120N tag.

History over. 

Now I've read a lot about Holgas in the past and seen a fair few pictures taken on them. They're the popular kid of the lofi lomo camera scene and produce some pretty interesting looking pictures. I've never really given much thought to owning one though before I stumbled across the bargain. I guess that medium format cameras always seemed like a bit of a hassle and I'd have to learn how to load 120 film and development would take more chemicals and basically I'm cheap and pretty lazy. Go figure. As soon as I owned it though curiosity got the better of me. Loading the film was the first worrying part but once I got used to all the strange symbols the little red window flashed at  me before the number 1 it was pretty okay. Weird but okay. Then it was just a matter of shooting a roll and struggling with loading it into my developing tank (which I definitely didn't mess up and lose 2 1/2 shots on and mess up a third. Definitely.)

Me attempting to look chill with the Holga. Look, railway bridge. Mmmmmm. 

So my camera is a little quirky, no masking frame inside, has to be covered in electrical tape to keep the back on and I'm not sure the shutter always does what it is meant to but actually it takes some pretty interesting pictures. Very lo fi but interesting. Excuse the strange scans of these. Someone (who definitely isn't me) couldn't be bothered to make them both look the same and not like one was scanned in black and white and the other in colour.

I've got another roll of film in there right now and as long as I don't balls it up hopefully there will be some more photos to come at a later date.

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