Friday, 3 October 2014


So yesterday I talked about finding the Zenit Es in BadCatt's mum's shed and how we also found a whole range of films in there too. Most of them had no leader showing and therefore had been shot already but there were a couple of blank rolls as well which I quickly snaffled up.

A few days later and being the adventurous cub that I am I decided that film which had been sitting around in a warm loft/ damp shed for the best part of twenty years was perfect for trying some street photography with the Zenit E. Shooting went well, except for that bit when I got to the end of the film and it snapped in the camera. Easily solved. I just casually opened it in direct sunlight to ascertain the problem followed by again in a dark bag. Oops. I still felt vaguely confident that it would yield some interesting images though (or any) and so I took it into the shop I no longer use for developing to get them developed and hopped back a day later intrigued to see the results and... um... yes...


Exactly what I'd intended. Ahem. Obviously. It turns out that what had happened is that for some reason the film still had its leader out despite being a fully shot roll. So if you look closely you can see baby BadCatt or BadCatt's brother. Not quite the street photography that I'd hoped but actually it yielded really interesting results so I can't complain too much.

Also, kudos to the 20 year old film (which may or may not have been some form of Kodak) which managed to survive the adverse storage conditions to still produce images. Good form. I've still got another roll of this to shoot at a later date which will be interesting now I know that the roll will probably all be double exposures.

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