Wednesday, 8 October 2014

First Photos from the Holga 120N

A week or so ago I went out with the Badcatt to try out my first roll of Fomapan 200 (technically I meant to buy 400 and 3 packets of the 35mm 200 but I seemed to get a lot of 200 in 120 format instead. Oops.) We didn't go anywhere special, just around town and a bit further out to explore the area. I shot the roll thinking mostly just of seeing how 200 worked in the camera. I'd read that you really need to shoot in 400 to get decent results but it was early evening and still quite sunny so I figured I'd be okay. When it came to developing, I had a little problem with getting a the last bit of film into the tank and I didn't want to damage the emulsion so I lost a couple of shots which was a shame. The rest developed fine. Some of the images came out strange for one reason or another, too dark or too flat but I did get a couple of nice shots. I like how it makes the photos look like they were taken a hundred years ago.

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