Wednesday, 15 October 2014


About a month ago BadCatt and I decided we were going to take our Zenit Es and head off on the train to the coast. I took the Zenit, a couple of rolls of film (Kodak Colorplus) and a matchbox pinhole camera (film did not cope well with processing) and off we went.

The weather was a bit overcast but shooting colour at an English beach is always going to yield results even with the greyness. As a matter of fact I almost prefer it for how interesting the muted colours can look.


We then moved inside the pier where the arcade lives and tested out how we could shoot in lowish light without any of the equipment we really needed to make it easy on ourselves. (Oh tripod how I don't care to lug you around.) Unfortunately, as I later discovered, somewhere between this first beach hut picture and getting inside the pier I managed to lose a screw from the latch of the Zenit. This meant that every subsequent shot was light leaking in a number of interesting ways. Not what I intended but they definitely have merit...

2014-09-04_21 copy


That did however mean that I couldn't use any rolls of film in the camera after that having no idea if what I'd shot would even yield an image and without a roll of black electrical tape with me to seal the camera up. (A mistake that I no longer make.) Still, despite my failed pinhole and the light leaks in the Zenit I think I managed some pretty unusual images and it certainly wasn't a wasted journey.

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