Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Junk Shop Bargins

Just a quick post to show off a couple of cameras I bought last week for next to nothing from a local auction room/ junk shop. It's great, the guy obviously doesn't know that much about photography and just sticks an arbitrary price on the bits he gets in. This is something which barely ever happens in Colchester anymore. People are too savvy to sell things cheap. The shop is huge though and I figure he gets most of it in job lots for for next to nothing anyway so maybe he just doesn't care too much. Bargins thus far are a polarizing filter for my Minolta X-300 for 50p and these two cameras for £1 each. He wanted more for the Vivitar but I was persuasive (female) which depressingly helps.

The Holga is actually the first medium format camera I've owned. As for the Vivitar, it's pretty to look at but I'm not hugely sure I'm going to like it. Anyway, introductions to follow at a later date I guess. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Introducing the Smena 8M (or Russian Pony)

Although I've not be seriously into photography for very long, I've managed to accumulate a few different cameras. This has led me foolishly to think I might try a few introduction posts. The first of which is going to be on my first camera, the Smena 8M or "The Pony" as it's now nicknamed.

Brief History + How To

Smenas were manufactued in the Soviet Union in the Lomo factory between 1953-1991 and are made with a completely bakelite or later plastic body. You use it by setting the weather conditions with cute cloud/sun graphics and the distance you wish it to focus on and away you go.

According to the lomography website it has
a high contrast glass lens which yields sharp images and deep colours.
To demonstrate this, have an image taken outside some abandoned warehouses by the river Colne.

Expect to see more of this little camera in the future and I'd quite like to do a proper run through of how it fares in different conditions as the results are pretty dramatic.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hi and welcome to my blog. I'm the Camera Cub. I've always been interested in photography but up until very recently I've lacked the necessary know how/ equipment to give it a go myself. Now I've started gathering cameras, film and chemicals and gaining some knowledge of the processes involved I thought it might be nice to catalog the process of discovery and hopefully some form of growth as a photographer.

First up, a matchbox pinhole selfie I made following the instructions on Matchbox Pinhole. I never manage to get particularly clear images when I make these cameras. I figure it is down to my inability to get the size of the pinhole right. This was taken in the security room of Slackspace, an organisation which takes over the lease on disused shops in Colchester and turns them into a gallery and performance venue. Their current residence is an incredibly photogenic old police station/ bar. Expect more shots taken there at a later date. I'll also probably go into more depth about pinholes in future posts but this is my introduction image. The film used is Agfa Vista 200 which I got from Poundland and this was about a 5 minute exposure. I say about because mostly I just guessed when the time was up. I live on the edge don't I?